iPhone/iPad App: Tell stories by organizing & annotating your photos and videos from the Camera Roll

Organize the pictures from your messy Camera Roll into sets! Make many sets from your photos and videos without making copies, photos and videos can be shared across sets. Make sets for events (for example trips, weddings, gigs) or topics (children, restaurants, recipes). Each picture can be added to as many sets as you want. Add comments to your pictures and mark the pictures you really like. Order the pictures in each set the way you like with drag & drop. Share each photo with comment, location, date and time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and by email.


Features of PictureSets include:

  • Make many sets
  • Add each picture to various sets
  • Quickly overview the pictures in all your sets as scrollable filmstrips
  • Drag the filmstrips to order them the way you like
  • Add captions to pictures (captions for the same picture can be different in each set)
  • Add captions to pictures on the Camera Roll
  • Rate your pictures
  • Drag & drop pictures in each set in any order you want
  • Share pictures with captions, location, date & time on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, Sina Weibo and by email
  • Post to Google+ (In-App purchase)
  • Mail a selection of pictures or all pictures in a set as PDF file (In-App purchase)